Photoshoot with John Woodward Photography Class

Besides dancing and anthropology I have always had an interest in modeling. Not commercial or runway but creating artistic images with like minded photographers. When the opportunity came up to do a workshop with John Woodward and some of his students I knew I couldn't say no. First, it was the Summer Solstice, longest day  the astrological year, how cool to have an image at daybreak on this day? Not to mention that the solstice hold spiritual connotations for me as well.

I agreed a month in advance, and like luck would have it, it turned into the longest day of the year work wise as well. Not only was I going to be waking up at 4 am to catch that oh so extra early sunrise, but I also would be going straight to teaching my normal class, a rehearsal with my trio Belly dance Sirens, a private class in Hollywood and then a string of parties and restaurant shows ending with the last show at 1 am in Miami. I got to bed exactly at 4:00 am completing my 24 hour day.

While it might sound like a nightmare, I actually couldn't have been happier. Doing everything I love in one long whirlwind day (which happens more often than you would think) gives me a chance to really appreciate not just my life but the talent and dedication I have cultivated as well as blessings I can not control entirely such as my location, health and time. Even in my own country, a woman would not have been able to have this freedom as little as 60-70 years ago and still women all over the world do not experience this blessing. It is important to not take for granted our lives. Of course there is always someone having it better, but there are many more having it worse. Be thankful, breath, exhale. 

Without further adieu here are the absolutely GORGEOUS images I got from that sunrise.