Party Ideas: Customize Your OWN Fire Show

Are you looking for something entirely different for your next party? Want to stand out against your friends and neighbors? Creating your own custom fire show just might be the answer!

Q: What is a Custom Fire Show?

A: In a custom fire show we will create something unique for your party that goes along with your theme. Whether your theme is a holiday (Halloween, Xmas, New Years, Valentines), regional (Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Polynesian, Tropical), Decades (20s,50s, 60s, 70s)  and more we can create costuming, music, staging and choreography to make your fire show fit perfectly with your theme. 

Q: Why not just get a generic fire show?

A: You want your entertainment to compliment your party, not stick out like a sore thumb. Sure you could have samba dancers and a Moroccan themed party, but does it make sense? Add to your ambiance, don't take away.

Q: Why use us?

A: Because my trio Sirens has dedicated their lives to art and dance. We include some the pathfinders in fire dance as well as the newest innovators. We are always creating new props that you won't see anywhere else to create an unforgettable show. Besides being expert fire dancers we are all also classically trained dancers which creates an elegance you just can't fake.

Q: But is it safe?

A: We are licensed and insured fire dancers and are able to provide additional insurers for all venues we perform at. We have worked with fire marshals and our shows are safe and exciting. We are knowledgeable about fuels and which fuels to use for which venues to insure the best fire show for your event.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of our custom shows we have created for clients over the years. Contact us today! 

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