New Year New You! Belly Dance Class for 2015 Resolutions!

Loosing weight and getting healthy is probably the most popular New Year Resolution. Even when we are in a healthy weight range, we are always striving for a better body, better balance, control and finesse. Unfortunately, New Year Resolutions are hard to stick to, especially when we go to fads like Crossfit or Zumba, which may feel fine at the beginning but quickly lead to burn out and/or injuries. Injuries occur because of bad form and oftentimes fad workouts aren't focused on keeping you safe, just losing weight. They can also be so boring! You spend so much time dedicated to losing weight mind as well learn a skill in the process. This is where a dance class can fill the void. Enjoy the perks of cardio and lean muscle building all the while learning a new dance and culture. Not only will you loose weight you will learn balance and coordination, improve your memory and develop a new grace. Other workouts simply can not give you all the benefits of belly dance class. Belly Dance lessons also imporve your public presentation, carriage and helps with shyness. Students enjoy performance opportunities and the sister hood that dance creates with fellow classmates.

Belly Dance Class Schedule

Saturdays 11:45-12:45 Beginner/Intermediate Belly Dance Lessons

Loibel Dance Studio 183 Camino Real Boca Raton Fl

$12 drop in $40 4 class pass

Mondays 6:30-7:30 Mixed Levels Belly Dance Class

Cheeky Fitness Dance Studio 2257 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Must preregister at