Party Ideas for South Florida: Diwali Bollywood Dancer Shows

As the nights get longer we are reminded about the Divine Light within all living things. Regardless of religion, autumn represents a time of quiet reflection before the festival of lights for many of the major world religions commences. In this special time we can take time to reflect and clean our lives of physical and spiritual negativity and dirt. With cleansing the light can only shine brighter. During this season comes the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali. In this five day holiday each night is dedicated to a specific theme. Day 1 cleansing of businesses and homes, day 2 celebrating the victory of good over evil, light over dark, day 3 the main event when everyone wears their new clothes and pujas are offered to Lakshmi, day 4 to celebrate the love between man and wife and day 5 to celebrate the love between friends and siblings. 

During these nights, parties and celebration are on going with music and dancing. Brighten your Diwali celebrations or cultural awareness days at your office or university with a fun and energetic Bollywood performance. We can supply dancers in groups of 1-4 performing beautiful and fun choreography together.

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