New Belly Dance Classes for Boynton Beach South Florida starting August!

Summer is here and with it, the long hot days and even longer rainy days. What's the use of living in Florida when we can't even get to the beach half the time with all this rain? But fear not, your summer doesn't have to be wasted in endless happy hours and movies, which are only fun for so long. Instead, shake up your routine with a dance class! Belly dance offers amazing health benefits for your body and mind. Increase your flexibility, improve strength and tone in the body and build self confidence and make new friends in the process! Keep away aging with mindfulness and memory boosting choreography and articulating all parts of your body. Unlike Zumba, you'll actually learn a REAL dance you can bust out at parties and clubs and unlike Crossfit you won't have to worry about injury or over emphasis of the upper body. Belly dance is gentle and effective as a work out and also an amazing and beautiful dance that is seeped in culture and tradition. 

To Sign up simply click here to fill out the form reserving your spot

In beginner classes you will learn the basic steps and movements as well as exercises to prepare for more complex moves and layers. In intermediate classes, you will take these a step further, learning more complicated combos and begin to layer your moves, creating an amazing effect. Optional as well, you can start learning props such as balancing a sword, finger cymbals, veil and more in the choreography and prop class. With this class you will be eligible to perform in student showcases, charity events and when the time comes even paid performances. All while learning this new dance, you will learn about the beautiful cultures bellydance hails from, and build a community of other strong, like minded people.

As if this wasn't enough, I will be offering a FREE first class to any new students for the month of August. Come alone or bring a friend and start the journey together. 

To Sign up simply click here to fill out the form reserving your spot

Classes are at the new OM Dance Studio 1403 W Boynton Beach Blvd Ste 12 Boynton Beach Florida 33426 (plaza just east of Starbucks plaza, on north side of street)

Bellydance Classes 

Intermediate  Sat 10:30-11:25

Intermediate Props & Choreography Sat 11:30-12:25

Beginner Sat 12:30-1:30

First Class FREE then $15 a class | $55 class pass 


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