Summer Party Ideas Samba Dance Show South Florida

Though Carnival season is over, there is no reason not to continue the fun with samba dancers all summer long. With the bright costumes, elaborate feather headdresses and energetic music, samba just feels like summer. This year we have made the show even better, with led glo wings for the entrance and photo taking afterwards as well as fire dance options to be mixed into the show. Samba is a perfect addition to summer birthdays, pool parties, weddings and anniversaries.


Sirens' show is different because we provide large group choreography, not just random dancing around the party. Blow your guests away with a Tropicana style show as well as all the fun of audience participation such as dancing with the crowd, conga, limbo lines and photo taking. We also offer an array of costuming options. From Rio style thongs, to Carmen Miranda style two piece dresses, we offer many ways to have the fun and keep it at you and your guests' comfort levels. Give your guests an unexpected and delightful treat at your next summer party!


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Graduation Party Ideas: Belly dancers, Polynesian Shows, Samba Dancers and more


With summer approaching it means a lot of things for us in south Florida. From beach days, to thunderstorm craft and movie days we all have something to look forward to with the longer days. Of course the most obvious perk of summer is school being done for the year and for some of us, forever! High school and College graduations are a special time and deserve a memorable party. Why not try adding some themed dancers for the event? Nothing livens up a party quite like some lively entertainment! Here are some of favorite summer time dances that will surely put a smile on your grad's face.




Of course it is my opinion that all occasions can be vastly improved with a belly dancer. Not only is the show fun and interactive, it is also the most cost effective of the three dances as a solo show is how the dance is intended, while Samba and Polynesian shows really need a small group of 2-4 dancers to make the show pop. Though belly dance can always be a group show, it is not a necessity. The show can begin any number of dramatic ways, from fire headdresses, veil, isis wings or our new LED glow isis wings followed by an elegant and thrilling show with sword balancing and optional fire dancing. 

After the performance the show isn't over though! Next up is getting your grad up to dance along with the rest of your party guests. This is a great segway into a night of dancing or we can finale the show with a drum solo and move on to the next scheduled events at the party.



Polynesian Luau Fire Show

With summer being so close, and for south florida, already here, a hula show is an instant no brainer. Bring the allure of the Polynesian Islands with our fun and modern show. Best with 2-4 dancers, we will bring all the excitement and mystique from your favorite Hawaiian resorts. Our show features hula and Tahitian dances as well as the modern addition of fire dance, perfect for a warm summer night. We enter with fire headdresses and follow up with fire palms, fire fans, fire poi and fire eating for the fire portions of the show. For the more traditional aspects we will dance the famous hula 'auana and Tahitian o'teas for you and your guests. 

This show also has the option for lots of fun party games. We can teach you the hukilau or how to fa'arapu or take on less challenging aspects like hula hoop contests, limbo and more. If there are youngsters in the crowd we even have a Moana impersonator to entertain them.

Samba Dance Show

Though carnival is over, it doesn't mean the samba has to stop! A favorite dance for South Florida and Miami, samba has become a year long mainstay for us. The bright costumes and large feather headdresses will make any event turn into a spectacle! Our samba shows are some of the best in south Florida because not only do we offer LED glow wings as part of the entrance, but we also offer fully choreographed stage shows, not just randomly dancing around the party. The excitement of our shows can be heightened with drummers and stilt walkers as well! Of course, after the show we will get the guests dancing and/or play party games like conga lines and limbo. 

And although samba is one of the sexier of costuming, don't worry, if that's not your thing we have plenty of options. From the traditional thong and heels to long ruffled skirts, sequined shorts and fringed tops, we have many costuming options to suit all the tastes. 

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Party Ideas: Summer Wedding Reception Entertainment and Dancers


With summer on its way we have been getting a lot of requests for dancers for weddings and receptions. June bride's maybe full of tradition but that doesn't mean the reception has to be stuffy and boring! Take advantage of south Florida's beautiful spring and early summer weather and have your guests go outside for graceful mermaids and LED bubble dancers or exhilarating fire shows! While our mermaids and bubble dancers will provide a beautiful ambiance as well as selfie opportunities, the fire shows, available in a variety of themes, will command attention and create a showstopping experience your guests will never forget

Indoor receptions also have tons of opportunities for fun and exciting shows be it the Eastern flavors of belly dance and Bollywood dance or the more Latin flair of Samba and Tropicana shows. In our famous belly dance shows we offer solo or group performance with indoor appropriate fire props or LED to light up the night. Or for more classic style we can perform with veil or wings. Our Bollywood shows are high energy and expertly choreographed giving your guests a full theatrical feel. We keep the energy going by grabbing guests up to dance in all our dance shows, getting the night started quickly. 

For a more Latin feel we offer classic Hora Loca style entertainment with samba dancers, stilt walkers and drummers as well as more theatrical Samba and Copacabana shows. Costumes have a range for conservative or traditional. Shows are full choreographed and exciting with up to four dancers available.

No matter what you are looking for to entertain your guests at your upcoming wedding, Sirens can help you find the perfect dance to make the night unforgettable. Feel free to write or call with any questions or for more information on any of the shows. 

Sirens Dance Collective serves south Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Sunny Isles, Lake Worth, Stuart, Port St Lucie, Southwest Ranches, Weston, dance entertainment, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, parties bollywood, fire,

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FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 Samba Party!


FIFA World Cup 2014 is coming! And while not all of us are lucky enough to go to Brazil for the games we all can make Brasil come to us! With Brasil being home to the most famous Carnival, entertainment for your party is a no brainer, Samba dancers of course! Watching parties at homes, bars and clubs are all appropriate and fun places to have Samba dancers surprise your guests. From a solo dancer to up to 3 professional Samba dancers, we will entertain your guests with fun and sassy choreography and teach them a move or two. Looking for something different than your average samba dancer? Samba Sirens are also licensed and insured fire performers and have an array of fire and LED/glo props to make your samba show something your guests will never forget. Special for World Cup 2014 we have a complete fire samba costume with fire headdresses and backpack, this show is literally on fire! Worried about the kids? We have a variety of costuming to ensure show will be appropriate for all guests. Samba not your thing? We also provide belly dance, fire dance, Bollywood and Glo shows!

Hurry and book now, time slots are fast filling up! Call Lauren 561-267-3787 for immediate booking.