Makeup Tutorial: Dark Peacock Eyes


Hi everyone,

It’s been awhile since I did an eyemakeup tutorial so I thought I would do one on a recent look I made to coordinate with a Bollywood costume of mine. The color spectrum is a dark turqouise, bright fuschia, copper and gold. I used BareEscentuals but any eyeshadows in these colors will work.

What you will need:

-metallic copper (Louder), gold (Remix) and dark turquoise (Editor’s Pick) eyeshadows

-matte bright fuschia (Statement)  and white (Chart Topper)

-liquid or gel black liner

- eyeshadow primer ( I love Primer Potion in Eden from Urban Decay)

-black mascara or falsies

1- Prime your eyes. Please prime your eyes. I used to never prime, now I don’t know how I went so long without doing it! Primer makes your eyeshadow, even cheap eyeshadow, last forever


2- I work from lightest color to darkest with my eyes. I find it works best for blending. With an angled brush, start with white shadow in corner of your eyelid. You can extend it to middle of lid.

3- Take your finger, or medium brush, and use gold in middle of lid to outer corner.


4- With medium brush, cut the crease with the turquoise, using a light hand towards inner corner of eye and harder hand towards outer corner. Blend turqouise up and out but leave the outer corner empty.

5- Taking the fuchsia, connect the turquoise and gold colors. Bring fuschia and a diagonal onto lid and over gold. Blend it into the turquoise to make a purple and into the gold to make an orange. Don’t overblend though!


6- between the turquoise and gold, take your copper and shade the lower crease and upper lid, again, don’t overblend.

7- On your lower lid, color corner with white, center with copper and outside with either fuchsia or turquoise or both. Brown and Blue eyes will benefit from fuchsia, it will make your eyes pop, green eyes from turquoise, hazel either. Experiment with the pigments and see which works best for your eyes. Even the darkest brown eyes can be made to pop with some cleverly added color near them. Draw a small line of shadow from lower lid to a wing, but don’t connect it with upper eyeshadow. This will allow your eyes to still look larger despite dark makeup.


8- Pencil in your eyebrow, highlight your brow bone and re highlight the white in your corner eyelid. Whiten the line between your lower and upper lid.


9- Wing your liner on your upper lid. Line your water line of bottom, making sure to keep it thin so the color can still be seen and not to connect the two lines. Recolor lower line with shadow if need be. Put on your mascara or falsies, add a few bindis and you’re ready to go!