Hair Tutorials: How to use your own hair for rat

Hi everyone,

So in the last blog I said I would give a guide on how to use your hair as a rat then never did it! Oops! First some of you are probably wondering what is a rat. Well a rat is an unfortunately named device that basically boosts up your hair into some cool poofs and curls. It's basically padding for your hair and can be made the same way. Small ones are used to give crazy victory curls and other fun retro looks while larger ones can give you the look of teased hair without having to tease your hair. I personally love them for this reason. I want big hair, not broken hair.

Using your own hair for a rat

This is my favorite option because I am always running out of time and losing things, plus, I have a lot of hair so mind as well use it for something. Anyone with shoulder length hair or longer can employ this technique for simple bouffants, bumps and so on. It can be used for smaller ones if you have bangs or infinite patience.

1- Take section of hair you would like to have the rat effect on. Comb it free of tangles and straighten.

2- Use your hand as a roller for large one and fingers for small ones and begin rolling hair till you get your desired shape. Tuck in excess hair

3- Spray and your done!

Making a rat

This is a little more time consuming and will require a trip to the craft store and hair store. Get some fabric or thin foam the color of your hair towards the root and a flexible curler.

1- Measure section you would like rate for, measure curler and cut with wire cutters to fit

2- take fabric and make a tiny covering for your rat and it is complete

Want an even cheaper rat?

I saw this blog where you can make one with your own hair! Will match perfect and is free, just don't let your maid throw it out!