Makeover Mondays!- How to Repair a Cracked Nail

 How to Repair a Cracked Nail

Whether you just want a perfect manicure or pedicure for a photoshoot and broke a nail right before or if you had an unfortunate accident and want to keep your toe or finger infection free, knowing how to repair your cracked or broken very low nails is a must for any dancer. Belly dancers have even more to fear since a great many of us, myself included, perform barefoot 90% of the time or at the very least have peeptoe heels on.

I admit this is sort of a random blog post, but it comes from a very real experience I had just this past weeked. I am not sure if I stand alone on this, but I have the very unfortunate luck to always and I mean always get stepped on. Sometimes I even step on my own toes, no joke. But because I have this history I do try to be aware and keep my little feet as far away as possible. I must not be very good at it though because I stilll get stepped on all the time. Usually it isn't bad I move, they move and we keep going. Everyone in awhile though I will get a toenail ripped off and this weekend was one of those days. It was the last show of the night and everything was fablous. Birthday boy was surprised, guests entertained by all my antics and now we had moved on to getting the guests up to dance. I was going for the guest that the entire crowd was pointing at and cheering on but he was having none of it. I had just given up and was turning to the next party goer when he had a sudden change of heart and bam shuffled right over my big toe ripping the nail a could ¼ way off. No stranger to pain while dancing I didn't miss a beat and kept everyone going but my mind was trying to gauge the severity of the issue and trying to keep any potential blood away from the hem of my pretty costume. Luckily we were on the patio but I didn't much feel like leaving a blood trail as I danced either, if only for asethtic value. The show concluded without a hitch, no one was privy on the dangling toenail and I returned home. I will spare you details and before pics (seriously you don't want to know) but I will show you my after once I finish the tutorial.


*There are many different methods out there. I prefer the first method but all methods work, just depends on what you have available.

What You Will Need:

  • Acrylic powder

  • Nail Glue

  • Base and Top Coat

  • Nail polish any color (not neccesary but will help camaflage)

    First, clean the area. Esepcially true if you were dancing. Remove dried blood, dirt and oil with a gentle warm soap and water rinse. If there is a lot of blood and it's dried under the nail, soak toe in a thimble of hydrogen peroxide, it will eat up and loosen blood. Remove rest with a cotton swab. Be careful not to further aggrevate any cuts on the skin or under the nail. If something starts bleeding again control and clean and dry before proeceding. *Note for a small cut that won't stop bleeding use a Styptic pen (found in shaving section of beauty supple and drug stores)

    Second, trim the nail as low as it can go if it is an injury, skip this step if you are trying to maintain length for a manicure.

    Third, take a small amount of nail glue and place on crack. Next take the powder shaker of acrlyic and shake over section. Let dry and I repeat once more but this should be fine

    Fourth, take a file or buffer and buff the patch into nail and apply a base coat of polish. Finish your pedicure or manicure as usual.

    Second Method

    What you will Need

  • tea bag

  • nail glue

  • base and top coat

  • polish of choice

    Do first two steps from above. Next, take the tea bag and cut open and empty contents. Cut a small patch with the linen from the tea bag that will fit your crack. For a flawless look cut to fit entire nail.

    Now glue this patch over crack let dry and apply one more layer over glue. Smooth with a spoon or cuticle stick and paint as usual.

*NOTE Though I have never used them, I imagine those nail stickers would be a great way to make the repair look completely flawless. I am not an expert so my repairs will be apparent under close inspection, but do the trick. If anyone has experience with stickers or other methods let me know!

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