Technique Tuesdays! Hip Lifts

 In celebration of my new belly dance classes in Boynton Beach and soon throughout South Florida. I have devided to start a weekly series on break downs of beginner steps. This is a great way for students to review at home as well if they felt stuck on a particular move.

This weeks step is Hip Lifts

First start in a neutral standing position. Pelvis tilted forward slightly and knees bent. Put one leg in front with pointed toe, make sure thighs are touching! Shift your weight to the back leg and lift your front hip and accent the lift. This is almost identical to the drop only you are putting the accent on the lift so it is smaller and faster. Be sure that the move is isolated and if desired you could balance a book on your head.

Like this tip? Want more moves? Join me Wednesdays at 7:15, Sundays at 11:15 and Saturdays (Kids and Teens) 11:15 for a fun and beneficial belly dance class. Located at Sabala Yoga 1232 Hypoluxo Road Boynton Beach South Florida. Or contact me for information on private classes in the comfort of your own home!