Anthropology of Bellydance: Hora Loca and Bellydancers?

Hi there! To continue in the Wedding theme, this week I will be discussing another wedding trend in another culture, hora loca. Hora loca is common in many Latin American weddings, specifically Venezuela and Columbia. Literally meaning crazy hour, it is a time to revive the party and mark a transition from the traditional aspects of a wedding to the after party/ reception time. This has become especially popular in Miami and South Florida weddings amongst those from Latin American countries as well as brides looking to spice up their wedding reception.

 During the crazy hour, which can range from 45 minutes to a full hour, guests are encouraged to dress up with silly party accessories that are brought out like noise makers, hats, masquerade masks, and dance or otherwise act silly. Think of it like the whole wedding reception just turned into a Harlem Shake video.

photo (1).JPG

 Depending on preferences and budget, hora loca can be made by just putting on some exciting party music, a popular choice Samba and carnival music or it can include live entertainment, bands, samba dancers, circus performers etc.

So what does this all have to do with belly dance and weddings?

A great and popular way to transition your wedding from tradition to party is to have a belly dancer come in and entertain at the beginning of hora loca or just after dinner (when the crazy hour would traditionally begin). A belly dancer entertaining and encouraging guests to get up for the first half of the crazy hour is almost a fool proof method to make your reception a success. The belly dancer also provides enough distraction for the bride and groom or wedding planner to escape and collect the party props for their guests to enjoy.

If you’re a belly dancer and you got hired for the crazy hour don’t worry! In my experience your normal show is just the type of “crazy” they are looking for but if you are wanting to add a little spice to your show, feel free to add masks or feather headdresses to your entrance or just grab some of the accessories the guests are using and join in the fun!